Transforming education:
one classroom at a time
Vizuara provides next generation, interactive and immersive learning solutions for schools. We empower teachers to become super-teachers and students to become better learners. Currently, Vizuara features three fully developed products for schools: (1) interactive digital textbooks, (2) research laboratories for science and (3) visual labs for mathematics.

Our products

Interactive Digital Textbooks

Vizuara converts every single chapter into highly interactive, animated, gamified digital textbooks called as VizBooks. Each VizBook is carefully curated by a team of world experts in education, teaching, research, game design and art! VizBooks serve a singular purpose: transforming teachers into super-teachers and students to better learners.

Research Labs

Research laboratories are fully interactive and gamified virtual laboratories. You can explore the solar system, dive into bacterial cells, perform chemical reactions and visualize the periodic table at the click of a button! Get 250+ virtual laboratories along with quizzes, aligned the syllabus for physics, chemistry and biology.

Maths Visual Labs

Vizuara's interactive visual representation of mathematical concepts such as graphs, equations, and geometric shapes, helps students understand the concepts better, and makes it easy for them to experiment with different mathematical concepts and observe the changes in real-time. This makes Vizuara Maths Visual Labs an effective tool for both self-paced learning and classroom instruction.

Why Vizuara?
Vizuara offers the best quality educational content for teachers and students. We take immense pride in the amount of effort that goes into the creation of each VizBook for each chapter. We are a team of passionate educators consisting of alumni from several prestigiouos universities in the world- IIT Madras, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Purdue university. Our content and pedagogy has been accredited by one of the most trusted educational-program accrediting organizations in the world. As a testament to our incredible innovation, Vizuara has received the most innovative startup award at the World Education Summit, New Delhi, 2021.
Subjects and syllabus
Vizuara's content and pedagogy fully aligns with that National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, placing tremendous emphasis on digitization, experiential learning and personalization. Currently we provide VizBooks for classes 5th-10th for Science and Maths subjects. We create VizBooks for all schools regardless of the board of education (CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE etc.). If your school would like to have VizBooks to take your teaching to a new dimension, please reach out to us.
Vizuara for schools
Vizuara has partnered with dozens of schools at Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad and Kerala. Please get in touch with us to have us come to your school and demo what we have. We can also setup demonstrations through an online meeting. We would love to partner with you and take you school`'`s digital capability to the next level.

Vizuara at Schools

Vizuara constantly visits schools in all parts of the country. If Here are some snapshots when our team visited various schools in Hyderabad, Guwahati, Pune and Delhi.

  • Vizuara at school
  • Vizuara at school
  • Vizuara at school
  • Vizuara at school
  • Vizuara at school
  • Vizuara at school
  • Vizuara at school
  • Vizuara at school
  • Vizuara at school
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  • Vizuara at school
  • Vizuara at school
  • Vizuara at school

Hear from our users

Vizuara's conceptual visualizations and presentations are perfect for learning. I have never felt more comfortable with another online study material.


Aswini Singh

High School Student

As a biology teacher, I usually spend upto 15 minutes drawing cross sections and schematics of various biological bodies. Vizuara not only saves my time, but also helps me render the best version of my class in the most engaging way.


Beena Thomas

Biology Teacher

Vizuara has the best mathematics teaching module I have ever seen. They use a unique way of representing complex and abstract math concepts into the most understandable and beautiful videos.


Girija Krishna

Math teacher

I have always struggled with high school physics and thought I will never be able to learn it. Vizuara has made me fall in love with physics as well as other subjects.


Manish Agrawal

High school student